About Us


HQ Wine + Spirits is founded on a long history of friendship; a mutual respect for land and wines that articulate “place;” a love of music and admiration for one-another’s accomplishments.  When friends come together in this fashion, business flows naturally and easily.

The journey began in 2005 when David Scholefield convinced Christine Coletta and Steve Lornie to plant a small vineyard in Summerland, an idyllic town in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada.  David had a vision for the Okanagan, a young wine region that was trying to find its soul.  Christine and Steve, who have a well-earned reputation of making projects come to life, began putting his plan in place, first by farming – albeit in a conventional manner – with the idea to craft wines that were as naturally beautiful as the Okanagan.  David convinced Alberto Antonini and Pedro Parra to come to the Okanagan and with their arrival, conventional thinking went out the window and a new plan to push the envelope took centre stage.  Today, that small vineyard, Switchback, is certified organic.  The team has built a state-of-the-art winery, Okanagan Crush Pad, also in Summerland, BC, and established three wine brands Haywire (2010), Narrative (2014) and Free Form (2018).

Over the past three years, we have built a passionate, dedicated team and are now set to offer exciting wines from likeminded producers scattered around the world.  It was a natural step for Pedro and Alberto to join our team.  And of course, New Zealanders Erica and Kim of Loveblock fame were also top of mind.  Our portfolio is being built slowly and thoughtfully to include interesting new wine from territories far and near.  Please stay tuned as we continue to grow.